Genuine Galintel lintels

Why You Should be Using Australian-Made Steel Lintels

THERE’S ALWAYS A RISK WHEN YOU IMPORT PRODUCTS FROM OVERSEAS. It can take just one thing to go wrong – public transport disruptions for workers, shipping or manufacturing delays, shortage of raw materials, geopolitical pressures, or public health issues – and you’re left wishing you

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Mono Stringers: Rising to the Challenge

Open-plan living is highly sought after by many new homeowners. Large, light-filled, open spaces that seamlessly spill into other areas of the home are ‘in’ and traditional box-style designs are ‘out’. However, for multi-storey abodes, there’s the issue of how to incorporate a staircase into

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Compliance – What does it actually mean?

WE’VE ALL HEARD SOME SHONKY BUILDING STORIES THAT UNDERMINE THE BUILDING CODE OF AUSTRALIA. Exhibit A: an apartment complex gets built, 12 months later, walls are cracking/collapsing, retaining walls have leant over, stairs have become unstable. Yikes! It’s an absolute nightmare for all involved: the

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