Galintel® J-Bar

It’s a real effort for a Builder to get a Shelf Beam made from parallel flange channel (PFC) and plate; it requires time, it takes even longer to wait for a fabricator to have the fabricated section sent to the galvanizers for galvanizing. We believe that a builder should not “have to wait to fabricate”, the Galintel® J Bar is an off the shelf solution that is ready to go NOW!

Our J-Bars are in two convenient sizes, 260mm & 310mm vertical leg are fully hot dip galvanized, available in standard off the shelf lengths up to 6.3 metres & suited to most residential housing applications. With holes already provided in the top flange the J-Bar provides an effective method of connection to timber trusses alternatively provides simple support for brickwork. Pricing is competitive, however true savings for the builder are in the reduction of potential delays and construction down time which costs money, delays can hold up a job if not organized well and truly in time. Galintel® J-Bars are fully engineered, independently tested & supported by a 25 year warranty providing peace of mind. Galintel® J-Bar is another welcome addition to the already extensive range of Lintel and T-Bars manufactured by Galintel®, the trusted brand in Australia with over 40 years manufacturing experience.

J-Bar eliminates the process of fabricating Shelf Beams and simplifies the whole order process. Simply discuss and get the required size specified by your Engineer and you can have the J-Bar product on site from your local supplier in only a couple of days. The Galintel® J-Bar product is supported by full suite of technical information and with a simple online or phone request can be provided to you or your specifier.

Trust Galintel® for clever solutions in Lintels T Bars and Engineered structural sections, we have the largest range and distribute throughout most of Australia, talk to your local Building Supply company or send us an enquiry now.

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