Galintel® Multi Rib T-Bar

Our Multi-Rib T-Bar is a unique product that is engineered to perform where there is a requirement for a cost-effective brick support providing high strength to hold extra brick capacity over clear openings. The Multi Rib T-Bar is produced in Australia in a two-part process. Firstly, the steel is processed through a Hot Rolling mill that creates the unique rib profile feature, this profile provides a platform for a superior bond with mortar & brickwork. Second, the ribbed profile plates are fully welded into a T-Bar configuration creating the unique Multi Rib T-Bar profile.

When installing, mortar is applied to brickwork in contact with steel on both the base and the vertical leg and in conjunction with three courses of brick work on either side creates composite action. The structural strength of the Multi Rib T-Bar becomes a composite beam, thus outperforming the structural strength of the steel itself. Multi Rib T-Bar is a total load bearing lintel designed to support 230mm brickwork enabling brickwork to be span over a clear opening! This amazing product is up to 40% lighter than conventional steel lintels with a high strength to weight ratio.

The Multi Rib T-Bar product has been proven throughout the Australian residential market for over 20 years, with tens of thousands installed in Australian homes today, a trusted Australian made product produced by Galintel® for Australian building conditions, look up our website for load tables and specific installation details here.

The full range of Galintel® Lintels T Bars and unique building solutions are available through a huge network of resellers around the country who have access to these products that are available to be delivered to your site in many cases in under 24 hours. A comprehensive list of resellers can be found here.

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