Galintel® Rendabar

Galintel® has a product that is designed to deliver a rendering solution over brickwork that is far superior than other methods of rendering, such as mesh welded angles, wire wrapping and perforated holes punched into lintels. The Galintel® Rendabar provides you a surface that enables cement to adhere, and gives a builder and future homeowner piece of mind knowing that render will not crack, separate or drum when tapped, indicating more problems down the track.

Rendabar has a unique manufacturing process undertaken here in Australia that first takes steel coil and hot rolls a ribbed profile & it’s this Multi Rib profile that assists with the adhesion of render to the Rendabar. Product is then cold rolled to form the angle profile while a in line tool punches the unique slots. These slots allow the mortar to cure faster & the render to penetrate through the Rendabar to the supported brickwork.

Rendabar delivers a professional solution with a professional finish compared to other alternatives. Other rendering practices only allow rendering up to the underside edge of the lintel that leaves an unsightly line at the joint in the surface of the render due to building settlement & shrinkage.

Another key feature of Rendabar is the fact that it is the only fire rated steel lintel in Australia allowing it to be used on commercial works such as nursing homes, government buildings, unit blocks etc. Once 15mm of cement render is applied to the underside of the Rendabar it forms a barrier between steel & flame in turn providing a level of fire resistance.

Details regarding Fire Resistance Levels (FRL) are available upon request through our contact us page here. This Certificate sets out fire resistance levels and times under load.  Rendabar is certainly a lightweight and cost effective alternative to concrete lintels, that is easier to work with whilst reducing the need & dependence on crane lifts on site.

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