ABC Pro – Series Shelf Angle

The Above & Beyond Concepts’ hot dip galvanized Pro-Series 125 x 100 x 5mm Shelf Angle complies with the Masonry Structures standard (AS 3700-2011) concerning built-in components for masonry construction.

The ABC Pro-Series 125 Shelf Angle has a number of applications which include aerated concrete wall systems,  brick wall systems  or kick plates for warehousing and hand railing.


  • Complies to AS 3700 (Masonry Structures).
  • Durability in accordance with AS 2699.3: (Built in components for masonry construction).
  • Slotted Holes in accordance with Steel structures AS 4100-1998 (Amendment 1-2012).
  • Hot dip galvanized components in accordance with AS/NZS 4680.
  • Length = 3000mm.
  • Slotted Holes = 7 x (30mm x 15mm) @ 450mm centres in vertical leg.


  • Light weight and engineered.
  • Easy to install on all job sites.
  • Metal stamped for easy and long-lasting verification of compliance and manufacturer identification after installation.
  • Hot dipped galvanized for superior corrosion protection.