Sizes: 100 x 75 x 10mm
            150 x 90 x 10mm
            150 x 100 x 10mm

Lengths: 900mm to 6000mm

Galintel Traditional Angles are hot rolled merchant bar lintels manufactured from 300Mpa grade steel. They are traditional steel sections used in the support of brickwork over clear openings and are not reliant on composite action.


Fully hot dip galvanised in accordance with AS/NZS4680
Achieves R3 Durability Rating in accordance with AS/NZS2699.3
Full Product & Warranty
Compliant with relevant Australian Building Codes & Australian Standards
Not reliant on composite action
Hot rolled merchant bar lintel manufactured from 300MPa Grade Steel
Labelled & Bar Coded
Australian designed and manufactured


Superior performance
Easy transportation, storage and handling
Long life and durability
Cost effective
Easy identification
Peace of mind

Our quality lintel range

Galintel® is Australia’s leading designer and manufacturer of high quality steel lintels for the building industry. The specialised range of lintels includes flats, angles, T-bars and Rendabar, all designed for optimum support of brickwork above clear openings.

The innovative design of Galintel® products enables weight savings of up to 40% while maintaining strength, structural rigidity and load bearing capacity.

Hot dip galvanised
Galintel® products are in-house hot-dip galvanised to Australian standards to ensure that all surfaces (legs, edges and ends) are fully protected.

Better for Builders – Better for Homeowners
The ribbed Galintel® profile creates a superior bond with the mortar. The brickwork, mortar and lintel work together to form a composite beam with exceptional strength and load-carrying capacity. Builders and homeowners don’t have to worry about corroded lintels and cracked brickwork, thanks to the generous galvanising layer – including the ends of the product where corrosion often begins.

Industry compliance
All Galintel® bars comply with the following standards:
Hot-dip galvanised to AS/NZS4680:2006
Up to R3 durability ratings in accordance with AS/NZS2699.3:2001
Loads in accordance with AS/NZS1170.1:2002