Tyvek® Flashing Tape is easy to install with a forgiving initial tack.

Tyvek® Flashing Tape provides a cost-effective way to help protect jambs, heads, corners and deep sills for today’s windows and buildings

By helping to channel water effectively outside of the home, Tyvek® Flashing Tape helps protect against water damage that can occur when moisture becomes trapped within the wall system. Providing a durable seal at the window-wall interface, the Tyvek® Flashing Tape integrates easily with the complete line of the DuPont™ Tyvek® Building Envelope Systems.

The Tyvek® Flashing Tape uses a superior performance butyl based adhesive system and a thermally stable polyolefin top sheet that will not deteriorate or stain after extended exposure to temperature up to 82ºC. It adheres well to most common building materials, including DuPont™ Tyvek® Building Envelope wraps, while maintaining a forgiving initial tack, thereby allowing for repositioning with its lightweight release liner and at external temperatures as low as -4ºC. The Tyvek® Flashing Tape meets the requirements for the AAMA 711-13 material standard at the highest classification level.

Tyvek® Flashing Tape is a premium performance, self-adhered flashing material that can be applied over a wide range of building substances, including sheathing materials like timber, timber composite panels such as OSB and coated ply, EPS/XPS/PU foam board, fibre-cement board, concrete masonry unit (CMU) and other such materials. Some surfaces may require priming with the DuPont™ Spray Adhesive/Primer.

Tyvek® Flashing Tape Offering

Roll Sizes

Width x Length

Recommended Applications
101mm x 22.9mFor flashing jambs and heads of standard integral flange residential windows.

152mm x 22.9m

228mm x 22.9m

For applications requiring better coverage on the head of    the window (such as flashing onto rough-side OSB). 
304mm x 22.9mFor enhanced protection of deep window sills and inside and outside corner-flashings often used in multi-family construction.


  • Can be installed at external temperatures as low as -4ºC
  • Excellent adhesive to most common building materials
  • Meets the AAMA 711-13 material standard: Class A (no primer) and Level 3 Thermal Exposure
  • 120 days UV exposure

The Tyvek® Flashing Tape comes in convenient 101mm, 152mm, 228mm and 304mm x 22.9m roll features a split release liner to help with easier product installation.